Innovative Community Research

Behavioral Health and Recovery Studies (BHRS) is part of the Public Health Institute based in Oakland, CA which is a non-profit organization established in 1964.

The Behavioral Health and Recovery Studies Program conducts research and evaluations addressing a variety of problems, including drug and alcohol abuse, mental health disorders, criminal justice systems, unstable housing, and HIV. The center primarily focuses on community based fieldwork and conceptualizes recovery from a broad perspective that includes assessment of professional treatment, peer based services, neighborhood effects, and social environment influences.

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Our Mission

Behavioral Health and Recovery Studies


Promote innovative ways to support those in the community experiencing substance abuse and mental health issues. Through research we seek to learn new methods to educate, treat, support, and improve the lives and conditions of those living with these health issues.

Our Vision

Behavioral Health and Recovery Studies

At BHRS, we are devoted to improving the lives of persons that are recovering from a broad range of issues including substance abuse, mental health problems, and/or criminal justice rehabilitation.  BHRS uses creative design, innovative research, and evaluation to examine interactions that facilitate recovery processes within communities. BHRS values a healthy collegial and collaborative environment to maximize our goal of integrating therapeutic interventions. Through research and program evaluation we aim to develop and dissiminate innovative treatment and peer-based models of recovery within a community setting.  Our goal is to understand and address the needs of the individual so that they may create opportunity for themselves and lead healthy, productive lives.

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